Come and experience the world with us through travel! We travel the world having fun, creating memories and meeting new people that are exploring life through love!

BGL Cruising is for all people, though our community focuses on Bisexuals, Gays and Lesbians that enjoy cruising to different parts of the world together and raising the awareness that love is love.

By cruising with BGL, you will enjoy great food, dinner parties, workshops, health and wellness activities and build lasting friendships.

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Places to Travel with Us.

We are

As you cruise with us, you will feel like family! We have planned events throughout our cruise to keep you interactive, relaxed and excited.


Meet & Greet

Every cruise is excitingly different. Meeting others can open up a new world of conversations and opportunities. Our Meet and Greet is fun and very interactive. We believe the community coming together makes the cruise eventful and memorable.


We provide workshops on selective cruises. These workshops help Relationships, Finance, Healing, LGBTQ Equality and more.

Fashion Galas

"What is a fashion show with now fashion?" :) Bring your best rags and get dressed for our exclusive dinner parties. Wear a tuxedo or an evening gown if you desire, let's have fun!


BGL Cruising is a getaway, a time to relax and enjoy the entire cruise. Our tours are not only fun but educative, traveling to places that many have only dreamed about. Catch the next cruise with us!

Spiritual Nourishment

Our focus is on the entire man and woman, spirit, soul, and body. If the spirit is healed, the body will follow. From yoga meditation to spiritual praise and worship for the traditional cruisers, you will enjoy.

Spa & Wellness

A time to take it all in. Take a moment to renourish your mind and body with a day at the spa on select cruise ships. Get pampered and relax your tomorrows away.

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